Liked on YouTube: ALL Old Modem Sounds (300 baud to 56K)

ALL Old Modem Sounds (300 baud to 56K)

Here’s a compilation I made of every major modem standard used in North America (Bell 103, V.22(bis), V.32(bis), V.34, V.90, and V.92), corresponding to 300 bps, 2400 bps, 14.4K, 33.6K, and 56K. Those of you who actually used the older (pre-V.34) standards might notice some slight differences in the sounds (with respect to timing) – this is because these were all made with a ~2005 embedded Conexant V.92 laptop softmodem. Using the AT+MS command, the modem can be forced to use older modulations, but since it’s a softmodem, all the calculations are done by the CPU which causes some lag. Traditional external modems used their own DSPs which didn’t experience this latency.

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